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Welcome to our 5th grade blog!  We are at the beginning of our blogging journey.  We love to read though, so you will probably find lots of posts about the wonderful books we are reading.  There is nothing like sharing a great book with the world!!


We Are

by Our Class

We are a class of readers.

We are stories, each going through different chapters.

We are writers getting lost in our thoughts.

We are tangled in fractions and decimals.

We are scientists flying toward the future.

We are noise. laughter, and song.

We are rolling waves of fun.

We are as unique as snowflakes.

We are brains full of knowledge.

We are all talented in our own ways.

We are respectful of everyone.

We are a class of intelligent children.

We are seeds, forming the plants of the world.

We are nothing but success.

We are Mrs. Jones’ Fab Five.

It is our time to shine.

This activity was adapted from the Blogging Challenge March 2012

One thought on “About Us

  1. What a fantastic, fab ‘About Us’ page. So many classes are doing a great job with this activity.

    If you are interested in reading, I have just started a reading blog to be used by members of the Tasmanian eSchool and any visitors who come to leave a comment. The first post is about what book are you reading now. I would love your class to leave some comments at http://eschoolread.edublogs.org

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